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Care at home

Care at home


Home care  sometimes called home help or home support  is care provided in your own home to help you keep your independence.

It may involve regular visits from a home care worker and social care, health and housing services like:

  • general cleaning, heavy housework and gardening
  • personal care
  • shopping
  • meals on wheels or frozen meals delivery
  • collecting pensions and prescriptions
  • paying bills
  • laundry, like washing and ironing in your home or a laundrette
  • equipment and adaptions, like telehealthcare and home improvements
  • reablement  this usually lasts up to 6 weeks and means you'll get personal care to help you live independently at home after leaving hospital
Ask your local pharmacy if they could deliver your prescriptions, if you find it difficult to pick up your medication.
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The information was last updated on: 26th August 2020


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Most care services are coordinated through regional councils and...further text to explain the importance of council and care serve provision/funding.

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