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Care at home Home care costs

Home care costs

Home care costs

Your local council's charging policy will show how much home care services cost. Ask the social care department for a copy of this.

The amount you pay will depend on the outcome of your financial assessment. This is how the social care department decides how much, if anything you need to pay towards the cost.

If you're discharged from hospital, you might get free home care from the social care department for up to 28 days.

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You may be eligible for personal care provided by the social care department if you're assessed as needing it. Nursing care provided by the NHS is free.

Private home care service providers have their own charging policies and rates may vary.

No matter who provides your home care, you'll be told what the services include and how much it costs before it begins.

The information was last updated on: 26th August 2020


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Most care services are coordinated through regional councils and...further text to explain the importance of council and care serve provision/funding.

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You can contact your local council's social care department for a free assessment. Find their details here.

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