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Coming out of hospital Who's involved in discharge planning?

Who's involved in discharge planning?

Who's involved in discharge planning?

Before you're discharged, you  and your carer, if you have one  should be involved in decisions and choices about your care. You should be given a copy of the assessment.

The following people are usually involved in the discharge planning process:

  • nurse in charge  they're main contact person while you are in hospital, overseeing the care provided and plans made for leaving hospital
  • consultant  they decide what medical care should be provided and decides when you're well enough to leave hospital
  • discharge coordinator  they're responsible for coordinating your discharge at the hospital and can help highlight carer organisations in the community
  • pharmacist  they provide the medication required for you and information on how and when it should be taken

With your permission, an assessment of how you manage daily activities will be carried out in the hospital by an occupational therapist and possibly a social worker.

Other people who may be involved when requested and when necessary include:

  • hospital social worker
  • community psychiatric nurse
  • physiotherapist
  • speech and language therapist
  • dietician
  • incontinence advisors
  • chaplain

The information was last updated on: 25th August 2020


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