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Self-directed support What self-directed support can be used for

What self-directed support can be used for

What self-directed support can be used for

Self-directed support can be used in many ways – like help with having a bath, or getting washed and dressed – as long as it meets your agreed outcomes. It can also mean providing you with any necessary adaptations or equipment which might help you.

You may wish to use some of your budget to help you go to college, support you to work or support you to take up a job. You might want to pursue a new hobby instead of using a day centre, or arrange for a personal assistant to help you join groups in your local community. You could use your budget to help you take a short break. People are using their money for lots of different things, but it's important that these things are helping you meet your agreed outcomes.

You can choose to get support by:

  • using a service provider, like a voluntary organisation
  • using council services
  • employing a personal assistant
  • a combination of all of these

The information was last updated on: 25th August 2020


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