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Supported housing Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing gives people the independence of having their own flat with the security of having an alarm system.

The flats or 'single rooms' are within a complex which often has a communal area.

Facilities can include:

  • a garden
  • a laundry
  • self-contained flats with their own kitchen and bathroom
  • an on-site warden or manager, or connection with a warden service or telecare services
  • 24-hour community alarm service
  • a communal meeting area
  • optional social activities
  • managed landscaping
  • security and safety features

Additional services can also be provided by your local council's social care department.

Sheltered housing is provided by local councils and housing associations.

It can be rented or bought.

The information was last updated on: 17th January 2019


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