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Assessment of your care needs What happens after the assessment

What happens after the assessment

What happens after the assessment

You'll be sent a copy of the outcome, which sets out how your needs may be met. You're entitled to receive this, so ask for a copy if you don't get it.

You'll be given an initial review date, which is usually 6 months after the date of the assessment. If your circumstances change before your review date, you can ask for an earlier review. The person who carries out the assessment should be told in advance if any part of your care package is likely to change, so they can discuss this with you before any change is made.

If you disagree with the outcome of your assessment, you can ask for a further discussion of your needs.

If you have a complaint about the way the assessment was carried out, you should use the social care department's complaints procedure.

You should be told about what you'll receive and the length of time you may have to wait before receiving any of the services you've been assessed as needing.

You might not receive all the help you've been assessed as needing right away, as it's allocated in order of priority of need. If your needs change while you're waiting, get back in touch with your local social care department.


Emergency care

If a cared-for person needs urgent social care or protection, call your local council's social care department. The department should also have an emergency number for evenings, weekends and public holidays.

If the situation is life-threatening, call 999 immediately.

The information was last updated on: 26th March 2019


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