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Young carers and young adult carers Getting help and support

Getting help and support

Getting help and support

Health and social care services should offer the best services to the person you’re looking after, which will help you in your role.

Young carer statements

If you want one, you can ask your local authority for a young carer statement. This will be about your needs, circumstances and caring role. This statement also says what additional support your local authority will provide to you.

This statement makes sure:

  • you have all the information and support that's available to you
  • your health and wellbeing is being considered alongside that of the person being cared for

If your local authority identifies you as a young carer they will contact you to ask if you would like a young carer statement. You have the right to refuse this if you decide you don't want one.

Advice and support

Your GP can offer help. If you’re at school, your teachers or school nurse should also be able to support you.

There are organisations which are there to give you advice and emotional help. They can organise group activities, giving you the chance to meet other young carers. You can also get breaks from caring.

Further help

If you would like information on your local young carers service please contact Carers Trust Scotland on 0300 772 7701.

Young carers who are aged 16-18 years old, care for more than 16 hours and cared for person is in receipt of a qualifying benefit can apply for a young carers grant.

Young Scot offer a package of non cash entitlements for young carers aged 11-18 years old. These range from free cinema tickets to first aid courses and more.

Helplines let you chat to someone about anything worrying you. ChildLine is for young people and it’s confidential. Phone them on 0800 1111 anytime, day or night.

The information was last updated on: 9th September 2020


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