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Adult support and protection Main principles of the Act

Main principles of the Act

Main principles of the Act

The main principle is that any intervention in an individual's affairs should provide benefit to the individual, and should be the least restrictive option of those that are available which will meet the purpose of the intervention.

Any function under Part 1 of the Act must also take into account:

  • the wishes and feelings of the adult at risk - past and present
  • the views of other significant individuals, like the adult's nearest relative, primary carer, guardian or attorney, or any other person with an interest in the adult's wellbeing or property
  • the importance of the adult participating as much as possible in the performance of functions under the Act
  • providing the adult with the relevant information and support to enable them to participate as fully as possible
  • the importance of ensuring that the adult is not treated less favourably than another adult in a comparable situation, and
  • the adult's abilities, background and characteristics, including their age, gender, sexual orientation, religious persuasion, racial origin, ethnic group, and cultural and linguistic heritage.

The information was last updated on: 20th November 2017


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