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Complaints and feedback

Complaints and feedback


Everyone is entitled to safe, high-quality, compassionate care.

If you're unhappy about a care service, a local council social care department, or an NHS service, you can speak to the manager, in the first instance. Often things can be resolved quickly in that way.

Advocacy can be useful for people who have a mental health problem, learning disability or dementia. An advocate can support people in resolving issues before they go to complaints stage.

If your concern still isn't resolved, you can take it further. There are a number of different organisations that can help.

You have the right to give feedback, make comments, or raise concerns or complaints about the healthcare you get. This includes NHS services provided by GP practices, local pharmacies, dentists, opticians, or NHS services commissioned and provided privately.

You should make your complaint within 6 months after the event you wish to complain about has happened.

You can share your experience of any NHS service on Care Opinion.

Care Opinion is an independent site  currently being piloted in Fife, and Ayrshire and Arran  where you can share your stories of adult social care.

The Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS) can help you with NHS complaints. You can access the service at your local Citizens Advice Bureau. Find out more at the PASS website

The information was last updated on: 31st August 2020


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