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Coming out of hospital What is discharge planning?

What is discharge planning?

What is discharge planning?

Planning for your discharge from hospital should begin as early as possible in your stay in hospital, sometimes even before you're admitted. This discharge planning should identify what services and support you may need when you leave hospital. By the time you're ready to leave hospital, a clear discharge plan should be in place.

Discharge arrangements will vary depending on whether you're returning to your home, or moving into a care home or other care setting.

When you leave hospital, you  and your carer, if appropriate and with your permission  know about the following:

  • your medical condition, including information on treatment, medication and future medical appointments, and details of your GP and consultant
  • services and support that have been agreed and that will be in place for you returning home  for example, home care, community nursing, day care services, or equipment and adaptations to your home

The information was last updated on: 25th August 2020


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